Bach at Leufsta Bruk

Hans Fagius, organ

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  • 01. Pièce d’Orgue (Fantasie G-dur) BWV 572
  • 02-07. « Schübler-Choräle»
  • 02. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 645
  • 03. Wo soll ich fliehen hin or Auf meinem lieben Gott, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 646
  • 04. Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 647
  • 05. Meine Seele erhebet den Herren, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 648
  • 06. Ach bleib’ bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 649
  • 07. Kommst du nun, Jesu, vom Himmel herunter, a 2 Clav. e Pedale BWV 650
  • 08-09. Praeludium und Fuge C-dur BWV 545
  • 10-12. Triosonate e-moll BWV 528
  • 13-21. Partita diverse sopra O Gott, du frommer Gott BWV 767
  • 22. An Wasserflüssen Babylon, a 2 Clav. e Pedale, c.f. in tenore BWV 635
  • 23-24. Fantasie und Fuge g-moll BWV 542


The organ in the church of Leufsta Bruk (north of Uppsala) was built in 1726-28 by Johan Niclas Cahman, Sweden’s foremost organ maker at the time. It is without comparison the most outstanding among the maintained baroque organs in Sweden. It has recently undergone a thorough restoration in order to bring it, as far as possible, back to its original state. Therefore, this CD demonstrates the sound and musical possibilities of the organ in all its former glory. Moreover, professor Fagius likes to show how congenially this instrument conveys J.S. Bach’s matchless music.

In addition to the commentary by professor Fagius, the booklet contains beautiful colour photos of the organ and also of the interior and surroundings of the church.