A Flourish of Brass

Ensemble Pegasus, Tokyo

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  • 01. P.Dukas: Fanfare pour précéder “La Péri” (1912)
  • 02. P.Grainger: “The Duke of Marlborough” Fanfare (1939)
  • 03. A.Bruckner/ N.Yamamoto: Locus iste (1868)
  • 04. J.Brahms/ N.Yamamoto: Choralvorspiel ”O Welt, Ich muss dich lassen” (1896)
  • 05-07 P.Hindemith: Morgenmusik für Plöner Musiktag (1932)
  • 08. J.Sbelius:Tiera (1898)
  • 09. G.Mahler/ N.Yamamoto: Urlicht (1894)
  • 10. G.Mahler/ N.Yamamoto: Adagietto (1904)
  • 11-14 N.Yamamoto: Suite des Quatre Chansons Japonaises (2007)
  • 11. Where are you from ?
  • 12. Cherry blossoms
  • 13. Zui Zui Zukkorobashi
  • 14. Song of the Seashore
  • 15. J.Lanner/ N.Yamamoto: Steyrische Tänze (1840)
  • 16. J.Strauß(Vater)/ N.Yamamoto: Beliebte Annen- Polka (1842)
  • 17. Johann & Josef Strauß/ N.Yamamoto: Pizzicato-Polka (1869)
  • 18. J.Strauß/ N.Yamamoto: Ěljen a Magyăr! Polka-schnell (1869)
  • 19. G.Mahler/ N.Yamamoto: Adagio -Was mir die Liebe erzählt (1902)


The ensemble-playing of the 22 musicians is characterized by an irreproachable intonation and rhythmical precision, but primarily by their wide range in dynamics, articulation and expressiveness (the pianissimo-nuances of the ensemble are breath-taking!). With his great knowledge about instruments, the band-leader, professor Yamamoto, is an outstanding arranger and knows precisely how to utilize the capacities of his band-members. Therefore, it has been possible for the ensemble to enter into and incorporate genres and styles beyond the conventional brass-band repertoire.

“Tailor-made” arrangements of symphonic music by Mahler, organ-music by Brahms, and a choir-piece by Bruckner sound surprisingly idiomatic and, for a while, make the listener forget about authenticity and the original instrumentations! Even prof. Yamamoto’s own entertaining rhapsody of Japanese childrens’ tunes as well as such well-known lighter genres that used to be played in transcriptions for brass-bands, like Strauss waltzes and polkas, are performed by Pegasus, with a sort of symphonic feeling, in a refined and enriched manner.